Unite the Nations is one of the ONLY international research competitions where the students themselves create the test. They pick those topics and sources of pride to share and invite students around the world to explore and to discover. We really do unite as nations when we share the best of ourselves in this manner in fun loving competition

Congratulations to The High School of Mate Blazina Labin, Labin, Croatia for coming in FIRST in the Unite the Nations event. For the Second Year in a row!

Second the Affiliated High School of Chung-Hsing University, Taichung City, Taiwan

Third Lord Elgin Public School, London, Canada,

Tied for Fourth Gymnazium Praha 4, Postupicka 3150, Prague, Czech Republic and Vaels International School, Chennai, India.

Fifth Gymnasium #41 Novouralsk, Russia 

6 Different countries in the TOP 5 ranking – a first for many years. All top 5 schools scored in the 80% or higher.

Honourable mention to the next 5 schools

Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace Nr VIII, Wroclaw, Poland

Geodetska skola, Zagreb, Croatia

Maria Kononicka Secondary School No 2, Nowy Sacz, Poland

Gimazija Bernardina Frankopana,  Ogulin, Croatia

Sintermeertencollege, Heerlen, The Netherlands.

A special mention to the participating schools from Croatia who despite the National Strike and despite having limited staff, students and time, all passed the test even when some didn’t have time to answer some of the questions. In Addition it is difficult to note that some of our colleagues in Croatia could not find a way to participate this year because of the strike. Remember Time Project Stands with the Educators who because of the complicated issue, choose to protest both inside the schools and on the picket lines. We support our fellow educators.

Congratulations to all of our Unite the Nations Participants and to all TIME SCHOOLS both off and on line for an excellent 24th ANNUAL TIME DAY.

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