A Committee of Time Project Teachers met today to work on the plans for our 25th ANNIVERSARY of TIME PROJECT! It was a 2 hour event and more meetings are scheduled. The team is coming up with some new curriculum and new ideas around some TIME honoured favourite activities. A big thank you to Meimei Mary Shih from Taiwan, Suzana Delic from Croatia, Stien Matakupan from Indonesia, Michael Cunningham from the United States, Nikolaos Nerantzis from Greece, Zlatan Soldo from Croatia, Renata Radzikowska from Poland, and Joe Sheik from Canada who all attended and contributed to the exciting plans for the 25th ANNIVERSARY OF UNESCO’s TIME PROJECT. We are proposing new curriculum and fresh ideas on some TIME honoured favourite activities as well. We have some very special plans to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of this project. All of our activities can be done virtually safe from home or from the classroom depending on what the new school year brings. IF you need a project that is COVID 19 friendly this is the curriculum for YOU.

August is coming and so is Registration for the 25th Anniversary of UNESCO’s TIME PROJECT. We hope you will register for TIME by emailing us at timeproject01@yahoo.ca Ask for the registration packages which will be available mid august along with our new curriculum.

Time Project Ambassadors working hard on the Anniversary Event.

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