A WEEK IN TIME: 1 Week, 1 Globe, ! Classroom was kicked off Friday Nov 27th 2020 by Dr. Su from Taiwan an expert in Environmental Law. Time Ambassador Meimei May Shih set up this event to OPEN our 25th Anniversary of UNESCO’s TIME PROJECT. Dr. Su spoke today about the Plastics Crisis to 50 students from 10 Time Project countries. His highly informative and interactive presentation had students discussing and sharing insights. By the end Dr. Su challenged us to change our behaviours to reduce our use of plastics and dependency on fossil fuels and usher in a new economic structure based on renewable clean energy and a societal practice that doesn’t use plastics daily. Thank you to Dr. Su and to Meimei May Shih for an incredible start to our 25th Anniversary Event.

Dr. Su expertly guided the conversation inviting students to brainstorm over select questions and then engage in dialogue with the guest speaker discussing the finer pointes of the Plastics Crisis.

Time Project Schools can access the video from Friday’s event in our Time Project Google Drive.

A Week In Time, 1 Globe, 1 Week, 1 Classroom Continues…. see you in TIME.

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