As part of our WEEK IN TIME our on going guest speaker series continued Tuesday Dec 1st with two very special guests. As you know Time Project was founded in 1995 as a Flagship Project for UNSECO’s Aspnet. Today we were honoured to have UNESCO return to TIME with two distinguished guests. Kathleen Ferrier is the Chairperson for the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO. She brought greetings to Time Project and lead an open forum discussion on inequality in our world today. She focussed on the role students can play within in. In response the student conversation was active and involved. The speakers list was so long there wasn’t time enough to have everyone speak. Chair Ferrier’s message was through education all things for equality are possible but only if the each person leads by personal example. Mrs. Marieke Brugman ASPnet National Coordinator Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO accompanied Ms. Ferrier. Mrs. Brugman had information share about UNESCO’s programs to combat inequality and she challenged the students to break the barriers to inequality in education.

One of three full pages of participants for Dec 1st UNESCO Guest Speakers

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