Petra Večerić and Maja Mačinko and their students from Osnovna škola Ivana Cankara ” Ivan Cankar Primary School” Zagreb, Croatia created this very special message for al time participants and the world on this the 25th ANNIVERSARY of Time Project!

One thought on “A Message For The World”
  1. Well done students at Ivan Cankar Primary School. This truely what the Time Capsule activity aims for I think. Hope to see al of you back on-line again in 2030 to re-open and evaluate this Time capsule and all statements, hopes and wishes it included ever since this TIMEproject edition back ik 2020. In my imaginairy Time capsule 25 year ago I never could even dream that Time activities like making of a visual Time Capsule you made today would ever happen in 2020.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts this way and at this Time.

    Wim Didderen, The Netherlands
    Founder This is our Time

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