25th Anniversary Edition

“ A Week In Time 1 Globe, 1 Week, 1 Classroom”

Dear Time Participants

Welcome Time Participant – December 4th 2020  To Time Day a culmination of a WEEK in TIME celebrating 25 years! For the span of this one day, We call upon the youth of the world to connect. “This Is Our Time” has for 25 years promoted youth connections, cooperation and collaboration through inquiry based education. As an UNSECO ASPnet Flagship project our studies have always connected to those goals purported by the UN.  All topics this year are explored through blogs, video conferences and have been debated through a Model United Nations simulations and a House of Commons styled debates. WE will connect face to face and in writing throughout this one amazing DAY IN TIME.   Any of the topics can inspire local social justice ACTION projects that can be shared on Time Day with other Time Schools and Time Headquarters timeproject01@yahoo.ca  SHARE YOUR STORIES. All Time Participants can also connect through participation in our 24 hr research Competition known as Unite the Nations.

As part of our 25th Anniversary, please pass along the following greetings to your participants from our various supporters.

“Time project has made a major contribution to this over the years at times when connecting young people was and is more necessary than probably ever before. Congratulations to this unique milestone.  I hope and wish TIMEproject another 25 beautiful years.” Leo Niessen former Principal/HeadMaster Sintermeertencollege, Heerlen, The Netherlands birthplace of Time-Project in 1995

“I’d like to congratulate all students and teachers particularly those who are participating in this 25th edition of Time Project. It has been a wonderful week in Time and I wish you good luck for the final day for the Unite the Nations Competition or whatever else you are undertaking in the next 24 hours. We hope to see you back again for one of the NEXT 25 years in this Time Project.”   Wim Didderen Founder of TIME PROJECT

“Who would have thought that an idea of connecting young people from around the world in face to face, synchronous and asynchronous ways would not only last 25 years but be as relevant and dynamic as ever. We learn that our stories matter, our thoughts matter and our ability to communicate what we want for this globe as young people matters more now than ever before. Congratulations for your participation in Time Project 25!”  Joe Sheik Director Time Project.

“25 years is a very long time and we are grateful to you all because this program in our eyes as Dutch UNESCO Commission is so vitally important. The Name ‘This Is Our Time’ says it all. These are challenging times we are facing. The idea that having this one moment during the year in which young people from all over the world are connected by doing the same thing at the same time . We feel that kind of connection is extremely important.” Kathleen Ferrier Chairperson for The Netherlands National Commission to UNSECO

Check out the new Time Project Website and our Time Facebook page for more VIDEOs of Welcome and Congratulations.

Unite the Nations has traditionally been is a test created by youth for youth. This year we go back in time and grab questions from the past 24 years. 11 of the current countries participating in the competition are represented by the questions. In addition there are 50 questions from 50 different countries from past tests showing the breadth of the project. This special 25th Anniversary TEST will be released at Midnight 00:00 GMT Dec 4th. Participants have 24 hours to research. The race against TIME is on!

Take your pictures, write your stories, make your webpages and video mashups. SEND IT ALL TO TIME. Once again from those who design clocks to those who build newspapers to those who would blog for the entire day, to our many researchers who now begin their race against TIME and one another, WELCOME TO the 25th Anniversary of TIME PROJECT! You too are now part of HISTORY!

Yours in Time,


Joe Sheik Director:Time Project 2020,          World Headquarters ,    London, Ontario, Canada

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