Our 25th anniversary presented an opportunity for Time to create another activity to engage students. When Time Project posted to see who would create the logo for our 25th Anniversary students from 10 different schools in 6 different countries submitted art work. Yet it would be a relatively new member of time who would answer the call. Students from first time school, Colegio Salesiano San Juan Bosco from  Valencia, Spain participated. The winning student came from Verónica Pastor Enríquez class.

The winner of the logo competition is Sonia Traver Casero. Sonia is 16 years old and has already been involved for the past two years in Time. She has already become a force within the project in her own school.

Sonia not only prepared for several of her own Video conferences but she also took it upon herself to take pictures and video of her school’s involvement in Time. She then prepared a video for her classmates later to commemorate the day.

She will participate in Time Project during the 25th anniversary as a grade 11 student – a veteran of TIME.

Sonia’s logo appears in all of our communication and media during our anniversary event. Sonia will be awarded special certification to commemorate her achievement.

Sonia Traver Casero our Logo creator for TIME 2020.

Our 25th Anniversary Logo

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