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Time Project Nov 25th 2022

Welcome to Time Project,  an international project promoting intercultural dialogues around human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability topics. The specific topics this year are Affordable Clean Energy , The Rise of Fake News and Disinformation, and Gender Equality – Unfinished Business of Our Time.  The team of teachers world wide who help organize Time Project empower youth to stand-up for their rights in part through talking to youth through Video Conferencing. Check out our website at   find us on facebook at 

This year we are running all Video Conferencing formats… Global Youth Forum (show and share), Model UN and House of Commons. In addition, we will run the Unite the Nations Popular research Competition. We also invite schools to take registration selfies.

If you are interested…remember that Time Project is meant to be customized…One is not expected or recommended to do everything in the booklet (activity booklet please find attached) …choose what works and is of interest to you and your students. The Education Kit explains each of the activities listed in the registration form. Email Time Headquarters to obtain your copy Read over the activities in the kit and make your selection.

Lesson plans will also be available AFTER your on line registration .  Fill in the Registration form    and note ONLY those specific activities you wish to register form.

Once you complete your registration form you will be sent lesson plans, and resources, logins for the e-learning site etc…to help you prepare your students….  The key to TIME is to give yourself enough TIME in advance to Prepare for the Day when most activities take place TIME DAY Nov 25th 2022. Look at this fall season to find TIME to work on the various inquiry based learning projects in TIME PROJECT.  WE will support you with lesson plans documentation and email replies to any questions you have.

Spread the word to other schools in your District…invite others within your own school to participate.  In many activities ( like the MODEL UN, like the Global Youth Forum) the more participants , the greater Enjoyment for all .

Email the Time headquarters at our new email address  with any questions you might have.  Once again WELCOME to Time Project 2022.  Nov 25th 2022 Looking forward to working with each of you in TIME!

Going Forward use the #TimeProject to generate social media interest in the project. Have students use the hashtag #TimeProject as well so all of what we do is highlighted on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

All Smiles

Joe Sheik


Time Project 2022

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