MAHARISHI VIDYA MANDIR SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL one of our newest Time Project schools in 2022 is the first school to hand in their Final Report. As such we at TIME thought it would be fun to feature some of the activities they participated in as NEW TIME STUDENTS.  The booked Global Youth Forum Discussions with students from Croatia and Malaysia. The students from class XI & XII had a wonderful time, interacting with students from around the world. The exchange of ideas was enriching and the common foothold of goals fulfilling. Students worked on presentations on all three topics and shared them and their skits in spirited presentations.

This school did as many off line activities as on line. They did mapping the Intolerable, lessons around the shrinking gallery, and they did Time Project favourite, Design A Clock.

They concluded their TIME DAY activities by participating in the Unite the Nations research event. They submitted questions on behalf of their country and then, on TIME DAY, answered 225 questions.

They have planned a small exhibition/culmination  to debut around the first week of December to showcase the work done their Time Project “Ambassadors”. They hope this showcase to parents will motivate the other children in their school to get inspired and join them for the next Time Project in 2023. They hope to share their photos, videos and the TIME site will be shared at the event.

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