The benefits of international dialogue are not only found in the acquisition of a second language but also in the building of global citizens.  Time Project ( for the past 25 years has created an education community of learners through international discussions of ideas and solutions to the issues facing youth today. For over 25 years UNESCO’s This Is Our Time has connected students in face to face video conferences. This year we are hoping to continue our work by promoting a new e-summit around an Earth Day theme.

A Call for Participants

We are seeking schools from around the world to gather for one moment in TIME. Your students will watch a variety of both Professionally and student-lead presentations throughout the event to allow students from various time zones to participate as either presenters and as audience members.

Each provocative presentation,  no more than 15 mins, is built around a single concept/ topic, offering information to students. The Presentations will engage the high school level audience and will lead to a 15 min discussion led by our various professional and student presenters. The goal is to have a conference around showcased professional mini presentations/ and conversation interspersed with student presentations, concerts and more.

Our goal is to provoke your students’ thinking, create an atmosphere where they can practice their English Language skills and allow for spirited conversations around an Earth Day theme.

The event is being advertised throughout our Time Project network of teachers and schools worldwide as well as regionally specific e-networks in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Event Specifics

Date: Friday April 21 2023

Time: 5 AM EST – until 9:30 EST

Schedule: Presenters can select the time for their own presentation…. Ie those in the Eastern Time Zone could choose an 8 am , or 8:30 am etc start time.


Host: The Zoom session will be hosted by the Global Video Conference Education Group, USA.

Sponsors: GET Network, Taiwan, Time Project, Canada and Global Video Conference Education Group USA.

Contact: Joe Sheik, Director Time Project

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