The Time Project is managed by Time Project Headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada and co-ordinated world wide through our Ambassadors working out of a variety of home bases. These Time Ambassadors send out communication and support Time Project teachers all over the world. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, North Asia, South Asia, the United States and South America. In the past Time has been supported by E-linQ Educational Services, the Netherlands. E-linQ was a project bureau specialized in Internet education. Time Headquarters has worked in the past with an international Task Force, consisting of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project International Coordinating Unit ASPnet and Fontys University of Professional Education.

Time Map of the World and bases 1
TimeProject World Headquarters

Joe Sheik Director
London, Ontario, Canada

Time Ambassadors

MeiMei Shih, Ambassador
Taichung, Taiwan

Suzana Delic, Ambassador
Zagreb, Croatia.

Nikolaos Nerantzis, Amabassador
Thessaloniki, Greece.

Zlatan Soldo, Amabassador
Zagreb, Croatia.
Time Ambassadors

Renata Radzikowska,
Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.

Dr. Vinibha Illankovan, Ambassador
Chennai, India.

Marijana Smolcec, Ambasssador
Ogulin, Croatia.

Luis Eduardo Castrillon Diaz, Amabassador
Santander, Colombia.

Michael Cunningham, Ambassador
Austin Texas, USA.
Three Of Our Newest Time Project Ambassadors: Nikolaos, Vinibha, and Renata

Since 2012, Time Project has partnered with TakingItGlobal for Educators (TIGed).  TIGed empowers classrooms to understand and act collaboratively on the world’s greatest challenges.

TIGed  supports educators to utilize technology to create transformative learning experiences for their students. Through this work, classrooms everywhere become actively engaged and connected in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable world.

TIGed  believes that future friendly schools prepare students for the world by utilizing technology to engage them as learners and leaders in three key areas: Global Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, and Student Voice.

Over the years, the reputation and success of the Time Project have grown. More and more schools, youth groups, NGO’s and individuals are joining the Time Project. With a growing number of participants Time headquarters  believes that decentralisation is a must. Therefore, Time schools and organizations were approached to become regional home bases for the Time Project. All of these  schools and organziations have been actively involved in the Time Project for  many years and have made a tremendous difference for youth in their region of  the world by creating challenging and fun opportunities for youth of the world to enable them to be part of the global village.

Thames Valley District School Board
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