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REFLECTIONS in TIME – 25 Years of Intercultural Memories

25th Anniversary Logo
25th Anniversary Logo

As part of the 25th Anniversary of TIME Project ( November 27 2020) we invite ALL Past participants of the project, teachers, students, parents, UNESCO Club leaders, administrators to post their thoughts about the project. What we hope is that past participants will come to this site and post comments looking back and writing commentaries on their involvement with TIME.

To construct your post you might ask yourself.. “What did this project mean to you?” OR You might answer the following Prompt… ” WHEN I WAS IN TIME PROJECT I REMEMBER…… ”

We want your anecdotal reflections, specific examples, retelling of good stories from your experiences in Time Project. Please identify yourself, the country and school you attended and if you remember the YEAR in which your story or reflection takes place.

An example of a post might look like this…

“My name is Danielle S. I am from Bryanston Ontario Canada and I attended Prince Andrew Public School in 2004-2006. I remember my first video conferences were with students in Surabaya Indonesia. When we came back from Christmas holidays one year there had been a terrible storm that devastated Indonesia and we asked our teacher Mr. Sheik if our friends in Indonesia were affected by the storm – after all we had just video conferenced with them in November. Much of the world were raising funds for relief programs for Indoensia, thanks to Time Project there wasn’t question about whether we would or wouldn’t help …thanks to TIME PROJECT our world view had changed and we were committed to assisting them because to us they were our newest friends who only lived around the corner!”

All Past Participants in This Is Our Time – TIME PROJECT we want to preserve your memories here…USE THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. Please Reflect upon your own involvement below… we look forward to reading your Reflections In TIME.